When I saw the results, the rank was not in top 10,000, even after repeating. I merely improved in a year, even with all the full time repeating classes and all. I don’t know what to do. It was around 6 in the evening. I didn’t even know what to feel back then. I just went to my room and slept. I slept for 14 hrs straight. It was my dream to join NIT. My tutors in the coaching center were convinced that I will get in, they even said that to my parents. It was practically hell for the next couple of months. Even though I had good ranks in CUSAT, it took forever to get in. That was a tough period. I had that guilt for not getting NIT for a long time. after a couple of years, I used to go and stay in NIT hostels with friends and build apps together. There was a lot of plus for being in Kochi. We had a startup village near, I started my startup eventually, met people, did maker party and started TinkerHub all while I was in college.

My NIT friends when they started their startup, joined the incubator we build together in CUSAT. Since then I started realizing, all the toughest periods in my life ultimately turned around my life for the best. Every great thing I did back then, was a by-product of some not so happy situations. I know many communities made from breakups. I’m not saying it a good thing, but when you get out of something not meant for you, you will find something more interesting.

Nothing in my life went as I planned, but every unexpected turn brought something entirely new to my life. Something made me curious and excited. I think life is all about falling in love with your journey, things might not go as planned, but its all about knowing to navigate the boat in the storm and of course, learning to enjoy every moment of it.

Dear dear T,
I hope you won’t lose the faith in you, I hope you will find the strength in yourself. I know something good will come out soon, I don’t know hows it looks like, but something I do know is, it will be something worth exploring and you gonna love that journey.

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