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If somebody talked to me earlier about this

I badly wanted to keep writing, mostly to form a habit. There are a lot of things ​I learn​ed​ the hard way through pa​st year, many time​ ​i thought if ​​i had someone who told me about all these. You need atleast​ some keywork​​d​s to start searching and knowing about, no.

About a couple of years back, I was sitiin​g​ in my room at IIM Kozhikode. We were hosting first ever Coopathon ​in indi​a. When all the efforts of sleepless months got over, there was an​ emptiness. I badly wanted a beer and relax. Unfortunate​y it was not available there.

I had a college as well as a friend staying back after the program. We were sitting on the balcony of our room. The view was so soothing with the green hills and sunset view. We slowly started to talk about peace of mind and the views we had about life and fulfilment.

He was recording all those conversations with my consent. while I was talking, this beautiful analogy of pain and insecurities came to my mind. I still don’t know how that happened​

I was just recovering from a very bad trust break scenes. so there was a lot of thoughts about healing in my mind at that time. after a long time, he mentioned he used to hear that conversation again when he needed it. He shared it with me and that is something I really loved to play while I am lost.

I live among people, whenever I get a chance I try to make the conversation more personal to understand what’s really going through their heads. A lot of time those were the same that I had at some point in my life. Through talking to people, reading and thinking deep​​, I kind of found my healing methods. I really hope if I can record those kinds of thoughts and share with people I care about. ​

This is kind of start to those conversations. Let’s see where this goes